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As social media is becoming increasingly common in daily life, animation, an excellent medium, is used for us to participate in social media interaction and sharing.

Animated video refers to a video in which images and text appear one after another, thereby creating the illusion of movement and conveying information to the audience. It aims at telling stories about your brand, product, service, and other stuff in a unique and easy-to-understand manner, specialized in simplifying the complexity, to convey emotions and thoughts.

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If the video is mainly composed of text, we usually name it as Animated Text/Typography Video. That refers to creating text characters(made of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, or other symbols) that moves in an area across the screen, following a pattern of motion. Animated Text Video is more concentrated on telling stories of your brand concept.

If you want to make animated videos yourself, it is recommended to choose video editing software instead of online templates. Apparently, online templates have a great advantage to operate easily in batches, but there are two fatal weaknesses in commercial use. The commercial video focuses on originality and security. However, for the sake of improving efficiency, the online templates ignore the uniqueness and originality of the style, moreover, there is also a risk of leakage of video content.

Suppose you searched for a product on YouTube and found that the music, style, etc. (except text and images) of many videos are the same. Are you still interested in the product story told in the video? Do you still remember the emotions and ideas conveyed by the video a week later? Therefore, don't choose online templates for convenience, but do videos with your own characteristics to really impress the audience.

To provide practical help, we have written some useful guides for making excellent animated videos for different purposes and introduced how to conceive video ideas, what content and materials to collect, how to edit videos, and how to promote videos.

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