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The Internet has changed our way of life in every way. The way of shopping is completely different and incredibly convenient. Even the marketing model has been greatly affected.

Today, we use direct marketing videos as the first and most important method to promote business, communicate, deliver, and create value for customers, partners, and society to help companies effectively locate customers. This is what we call a commercial/marketing video. Recently, many small businesses seeking speed and convenience have used online video templates, resulting in a large number of similar business/marketing videos appearing on the market, which makes customers feel aesthetically exhausted. The advantage of online templates is that they do not require high technical requirements. We just need to select the template, and then change the text and pictures to produce a video that looks good. However, although this can improve efficiency, it seems that the video produced on the assembly line is difficult to express our characteristics and style.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to achieve our expected business goals. At the same time, some companies that focus on online video templates do not do well in protecting users’ privacy, which may cause some security problems in the future.

In order to resonate with the audience, we'd better avoid using online templates that can easily lead to repetitive patterns. We need to do our best to reflect and express our functions and advantages in the video and quickly display unique content, rather than blindly pursuing efficiency.

To provide practical help, we have written some useful guides on how to create excellent business/marketing videos from creative concepts, data collection, editing methods to promotional methods.

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