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MV is the abbreviation of Music video, which refers to a short film composed of images and music, usually a song. The production of modern music videos is mainly to promote music records or albums for marketing purposes. In recent years, compared to the officially released music videos, some original music videos have more creative ideas and strong personal style, and are very popular among the music lovers.

what is a music video

Music video is like a small-cost movie creation. The original intention is to use dynamic pictures to supplement the information and content that music cannot express, and to create pictures based on the understandings of music content. For example, if your song is used to commemorate someone, but your video is the scene of your quarrel. There is no correlation between what the music tells and the video tells.

Do people make every effort to make music videos just because they love? Not at all, Original personal music videos have created huge opportunities for music lovers and also stimulated their potential. They can post the finished video on the platforms, getting likes, accepting comments, and slowly accumulating popularity, and maybe one day the opportunity will come to knock on the door.

A good MV must include two aspects: interpreting music and promoting singers. This reminds us not to add too many unrelated factors when writing the music video script.

Because the online video template is not perfect in function, we still recommend editing software to help integrate materials, add special effects, and produce smooth videos. About how to choose the appropriate editing software, we will give a detailed introduction in the following article, if you are interested, you can find it in further reading.

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