With Free Speed Video, you can easy to speed up or speed down the videos, get video fast forward effect, or video slow motion effect.

How to use Free Speed Video to Speed up or Speed down the videos

Step 1: Run Free Speed Video, Press "Red Plusplsu button" button to add source video files.
speed videos step1
Step 2: Input new Speed into the "Speed x" field, if "speed > 1", will speed up the video, if "Speed between 0 and 1", will speed down the video.
speed videos step2
speed videos step2
Step 3: Press "Settingssettings button" button to select an output format, then press "Renderrender button" button to get the new Video files.
speed videos step3
If you would like to Edit, Create, Make Pro-Quality 2D/3D Videos/Movies easily, please try Easy Video Maker, it's a Powerful and Easy-To-Use video editing software, and provides a good free edition. and it also can be used to speed up/down videos, easier and much more powerful than Free Speed Video.