Easy to Make a Unique Wedding Video

As you know, many wedding videos are particularly dazzling, full of special effects. However, most people who’ve seen them only remember the effects, ignoring the emotional experience delivered in the video.

Many people also choose various online templates to make wedding videos, wasting hours to search for a suitable one among a bulk of templates, getting a seemingly perfect wedding video used by groups of people. How can it show your unique love?

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This is the point that wedding videos are extremely special for you. Making a wedding video is more important and meaningful than you thought. Wedding videos shoulder the ability to help accurately record one of the most precious memories and unique emotional journey in life.

So we can discuss how to make a unique wedding video below. First, following the 3 tips to make a plan and prepare your materials for the video.

How to Make a Unique Wedding Video

3 Steps to Help You prepare and plan a Wedding Video.

Find Style


Find Your Style

Two classic and impressive styles I recommend. A natural & sincere narration: One of you narrates “the story of us” from the day you met to the day you get married. Use concise but affectionate words to express “ little sweetness” in daily life. A romantic movie-style storytelling: This one needs more creative ideas and patience. It can start with a strong opening and enrich the middle part with attractive plots. The last but not the least, end it quickly in 6 minutes, the longer length makes it less shocked. Of course there’s no best-made style, but what you love or design yourself may be your final choice.


Material Collection

Except the real-time ceremony video and honeymoon travel video can only be made after they finished, proposal video, invitation video, and the pre-wedding video must be prepared before. Almost all related factors are the same, what differs is the type or style of the pics and music.

Material Collection
Organize It Properly


Organize It Properly

Decide what elements and how to match you want in the video. Such as the order in which each picture appears, the content for each photo in the subtitle or the music type according to the feeling tone of the video. Arrange the whole video with a unified style from pics, text, music to the emotion. Don’t match a photo of a hug with hip-pop music.

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