How to upgrade Easy Video Maker Free Edition to Gold or Platinum Edition

Easy Video Maker Free Edition limits some functions and services ( you could click here to view the detailed difference between the different Editions ), if you are statisfiled with Easy Video Maker, and would like to remove these limits, you need to click here to purchase a license for the Gold Edition or Platinum Edition first, then you could register and upgrade your Easy Video Maker by using the received license key.

If you are using Easy Video Maker Free Edition, you will get below Upgrade? tip when startup the program, and a "Upgradeupgrade button" button will be always displayed on the top right corner of the program main window.
free edition tips
If you would like to upgrade your Easy Video Maker Free Edition to Gold/Platinum Edition, simply press "YesYes button" button on Upgrade? Tip window, or press "Upgradeupgrade button" button on program main window, you will see "Register" window, like below:
register video maker
Then press "GetKeyget key button" button goto our official store to purchase a license, once purchased license successfully, you will receive an e-mail containing your license username and register key, it will look like this:

    Username: My License
    Key: 1111111112222222222333333333333333

Please directly copy and paste your username and key into their respective fields(please note, both Username and Key are case sensitive, and the key is so long, so don't enter manually, please directly copy and paste the username and key into their respective fields), like below:
copy license key
Then press "OK" button, you will get a tip of registered successfully.
register gold edition register platinum edition
If you have not purchased a license of Easy Video Maker, please click here to purchase a license first, and your support is so important, and will help us in making Easy Video Maker better for you.