Make Evocative Outro Videos in a Split Second

In the last channel, we mentioned that the end of a video, called outro video, is also an important part of a video. We call it End Screen or End Slate on YouTube. If it is missed in a video, the audience may feel that the video suddenly ended before the words were finished, which may bring the audience a terrible viewing experience.

video outro

An outro video refers to some content that marks the end of the video, usually a summary, the animation effect of exit, some closing words, and an advertising slogan. Its content, such as animations and pictures, accompanied by text (usually thanks for watching, like, subscribe and comment) should be concise and short. If it is made for YouTube videos, you can also add a link to the previous videos and keep it in the channel. The length of the outro video is better limited in 5-10 seconds. In the last one or two seconds, the icon and brand name can appear again to deeply impress the viewers. Otherwise, guide the audience to the next operation, for example, watch more videos or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Ins, etc.

Most great outro videos tend to choose colorful pictures or videos as the background, and the music is also full of energy. But in general, they must be unified in style with the brand image and content theme. It is widely used in education, entertainment and commercial videos, webcasts, podcasts, company introductions, etc.

You know, we talked about intro videos in former articles. Of course, we still have some tips to help you in the process of making outro videos. Find it in further-reading if you have interests.

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