With Free Crop Video, you can easy to crop any format videos for free.

How to use Free Crop Video to Crop the videos / How to crop a video with Free Video Cropper

Step 1: Run Free Crop Video, Press "Red Plusplus button" button to add source video files.
crop videos step1

Step 2: Select a video in the list, then press "Cropcrop button" button to crop the selected video in "Video Crop" UI.
crop videos step2
Within "Video Crop" UI,
  • Check the “Enable” box
  • Drag the arrows along their directions forward or backward on the four top corners, and then hold down the right mouse button and drag the crop box to casually pick the area you want to keep.
  • If you want to crop a video into a specific size and area, you can directly set the values of its height and width and the values of the X and Y axes, an example as follows.
  • crop the specified area of a video
crop videos step2

Step 3: Press "Settingssettings button" button to select an output format, then press "Renderrender button" button to export new video files.
crop videos step3

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