Online Video Making Guides

We created and collected some good Video Making Guides for our users. You could view them from the below links. And if you would like to share your nice videos with other Easy Video Maker's users, please simply email to us.

Video 1: How to quickly mass make videos?
Video 2: How to change video color.
Video 3: How to customize video shape.
Video 4: How to add Video Edge Enhance Effect
Video 5: How to add Transition Effect
Video 6: How to add video wave effect
Video 7: How to make a Cool Lyrics video(Karaoke Effect)?
Video 8: Fast make a Cool Lyrics video from .lrc file
Video 9: How to make the best lyrics video?
Video 10: Fast make a Photo Slideshow DVD
Video 11: How to convert and burn AVI to DVD
Video 12: How to create DVD with customized DVD menu.
Video 13: How to convert and burn Powerpoint(ppt, pptx) to DVD
Video 14: How to convert Powerpoint(ppt, pptx) to video of any formats.