How to Use Easy Video Maker in 3 Steps

Import source media files for editing


Import source media files

There are four ways to import media files. You can choose any of them to use.

For the first, click the "Plus" button at the top left to import source media files.

The second, select and press the category tab, then right click any blank area of source media bin and select "Import/Add..." from right-click function menu.

The third, use the shortcut keys to import source media files quickly.

  • Press "Ctrl + 1" to import video files.
  • Press "Ctrl + 2" to import image files.
  • Press "Ctrl + 3" to import audio files.
  • Press "Ctrl + 6" to import lyrics files.
  • Press "Ctrl + 7" to import subtitle files.
  • The fourth, directly drag and drop the source media files into the program.


    Edit and make your video

    After imported media files to the program, you can simply drag and drop them down into the suitable Timeline Tracks/Lines for editing.

    Usually, we put the background elements to the Background line/track or Video line/track, put other non-full-screen elements to the Overlay Lines/tracks, put the audio files to the Audio lines/tracks, and input Text in Text line/track.

    There are three ways to put the source medias to Timeline.

    First, you can directly drag and drop them down into suitable Timeline Tracks/Lines.

    Second, right-click on the file you want to use, and click "Add Selected to ..." from right-click mouse function menu.

    Third, click the little down arrow to add the source medias into suitable Timeline Tracks/Lines.

    If you want to add text, please simply double click on the blank area of any Text line/Track to input text, and right click it to set font and types. and you can double click on blank area of any Overlay line/track to add/insert the sound spectrum, color blocks, graffiti, etc. to your video.

    Meanwhile, you can preview the changes of adjustments in the upper right window at any time.

    drag and drop to timeline for editing

    right click to add to timeline for editing

    down arrow to timeline for editing

    Export the video


    Export the video

    You can click the "Settings" button to adjut the target video quality, frame size, file size, etc.

    Once completed all editing, you can simply click the "Preview" button to preview the target video

    If it's nice, you can click the "Export" button to export the final video.

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